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Arabic (Standard) course Introduction to Arabic

by Myngle Courses  
Language: Arabic (Standard)
Level: Basic
Lessons: 20
School: None
30 mins:

45 mins:
€ 100000
USD 116120.00
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  • €0 - 100000 per 45 min lesson
  • USD 0.00 USD 116120.00

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    Course plan
    1. 001 Greetings and Alphabet (part I)
    Learn how to greet people in Arabic introducing yourself....  more
    2. 002 Greetings and Alphabet (part II)
    Continue learning and practicing different greetings in...  more
    3. 003 Greetings and Alphabet (part III)
    This is the last lesson in the sequence of greetings and...  more
    4. 004 Review
    Review the contents of lessons 1 - 3 so you'll consolidate...  more
    5. 005 Introducing friends and family
    This lesson students will learn how to introduce third...  more
    6. 006 Phone numbers
    Learn and practice numbers, from 0 to 10, by practicing...  more
    7. 007 Review
    Review and consolidate the vocabularies, expressions, and...  more
    8. 008 Nationalities
    Learn about the names of several different cities and...  more
    9. 009 Jobs and Professions
    Learn about the names of several different professions and...  more
    10. 010 Addresses
    Learn about numbers, 11 through 100, by practicing in real...  more
    11. 011 Review
    Review and consolidate the contents of lessons 8, 9, and 10...  more
    12. 012 Dates and Celebrations
    In this lesson you'll learn how to say the names of all of...  more
    13. 013 Telling the time
    Learn how to tell the time in hours and minutes, and how to...  more
    14. 014 Review
    Consolidate what you have learned in lessons 12 and 13....  more
    15. 015 The Family
    After this lesson you be able to talk about all of your...  more
    16. 016 Speaking on the phone
    First, you'll learn how to ask about the business hours of...  more
    17. 017 Review
    Review the contents of lessons 15 and 16 to consolidate the...  more
    18. 018 Ordering a meal
    In this delicious lesson you'll learn how to order a meal,...  more
    19. 019 Invitations, fun, and leasure activities
    After this lesson you'll be able to describe what you like...  more
    20. 020 Review
    Review and consolidate the expressions, vocabularies, and...  more
     Skills Involved
    Pronunciation: Reading and writing:
    Speaking and listening: Grammar:
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