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Learn a language online with private teachers

Learn languages online

Myngle gives you the opportunity to quickly learn or improve a language online. With the help of our private language teachers you will be able to learn from home or from anywhere you want, at any time you prefer. Our teachers can create personalised courses that suit your needs best. With Myngle, you will progress fast and enjoy your lessons at the same time!

Quality education

Learn a language on Myngle and enjoy our high quality education. From of the hundreds of teachers that apply, only the best will be chosen to teach on Myngle. Myngle also offers training to its teachers to improve their teaching skills in an online environment. This is how we ensure our teachers live up to our high quality standards.

Learn a language from home

Learn a language from the comfort of your own home and save precious time getting to and from class. Through our online classroom you will be able to see and hear your private teacher online. Lessons will be conducted just the way you're used to, but with all the additional benefits that an online environment can offer. Together with your teacher you will be able to view text, images, listen to music, and browse web pages all in the same screen.

Practice languages by speaking

Actively practicing a language is much more effective than studying from books. By talking to a private teacher you will be able to quickly improve your pronunciation and fluency. You will see your level of confidence rising fast which will benefit your ability to communicate.

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language student Rachel Kirkland
Student on Myngle
❝I'm so pleased with how much I've learned in this short amount of time! In a university class it would have taken me at least 4 or 5 months to become this confident in speaking the language. I'm receiving the encouragement and correction I need to move forward and I can feel myself becoming more independent in using the language.❞
language learner Brian Garofalo
Student on Myngle
❝I know that i learned more in 6 months on than I did with 2 years of other courses and television.❞

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