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Personalized language courses

Tailor made language lessons

At Myngle we realize that a standard approach does not suit everybody. Everyone has different needs and prefers slightly different learning methods when it comes to learning a language. This is exactly where Myngle differs from other approaches. By taking one-on-one lessons with private teachers you can decide for yourself what, where and when you want to learn.

Together with a teacher of your choice, you can discuss your needs and wishes and design a language course that perfectly fits your level, schedule and budget.

Lessons on your schedule

Not only can you choose the subject and intensity of your language lessons, you can also choose the time at which you would like to learn. If you are busy and want to learn during your lunch break or if you're only available in the evenings, Myngle has the teacher with the schedule that suits you best.

Free lesson material

In addition to your one on one classes, you can also make use of a wide range of free language resources in our library. This way you can continue practicing a language when you are not having lessons. The Myngle Library contains a large collection of language tools, grammar and vocabulary exercises and listening and reading material.

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language student Dana Wang
Student on Myngle
❝The Myngle method has proved to be effective. It's very difficult for me, living in a small town, to find a well prepared teachers in languages other than English. Thanks for giving me this opportunity!❞
language learner Martin Scheepbouwer
Student on Myngle
❝On, I know that I am using my time wisely and I can see results fast. Lessons are flexible at after office hours and weekends which to me is essential. The classes are created to exactly suit my needs. Moreover, I can take lessons regardless of location, very helpful if you are a frequent traveler. It's a very interactive and effective way of learning.❞

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