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Hindi course Hindi - Let us speak

by Uma J  
Language: Hindi
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Lessons: 20
School: None
30 mins:

45 mins:
€ 100000
USD 116120.00
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    Course plan
    1. 01 I, me, mine.....
    We all like to talk about ourselves... Even language cannot...  more
    2. 02 You, your.
    Pronoun forms.  
    3. 03 He/She,His/ her
    Pronouns and usage. Build up vocabulary.  
    4. 04 Spirit of enquiry- what , who, how much...
    Buyer and seller - Roles reverse and similar situations...  more
    5. 05 Plural forms
    Pronouns and their plural forms  
    6. 06 let us talk about the present
    Present tense, present continuous. Usage.  
    7. 07 The past
    Different usages, variations.  
    8. 08 the future tense
    Will, would have been. Vocabulary and more usage.  
    9. 09 Story building
    Building a story with past, present, future tense.  
    10. 10 Picture reading
    With the help of the vocabulary provided to the student he...  more
    11. 11 Daily routine
    The related vocabulary is presented in visual form. The...  more
    12. 12 Home and Household
    The objects of daily usage, the milk-man, post-man and...  more
    13. 13 visit to a store
    Vocabulary, usage.  
    14. 14 Recap
    A review of progress from both angles!!  
    15. 15 'Ne'
    The use of hindi word " ne" is always confusing to the...  more
    16. 16 Verbs and their usage
    Introduce the student to some common phrases. Building up...  more
    17. 17 Visiting places
    Related vocabulary. Buyer and seller - Roles reverse and...  more
    18. 18 official parlance
    Do's and Don'ts of formal communication.  
    19. 19 more usages - verbs
    More phrases.  
    20. 20 Some famous Proverbs and usage
    Proverbs are the soul of any language and speaks volumes...  more
     Skills Involved
    Pronunciation: Reading and writing:
    Speaking and listening: Grammar:
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