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Arabic (Standard) teacher

Teaches: Arabic (Standard)
Speaks: Arabic (Standard) (native), Arabic (Standard) (Native)
Courses: 1
Classes taught: 558
Location Tallinn, Estonia (Estonia - Tallinn - +02:00 GMT/UTC, now DST +03:00 )  
Age: 45  
Gender: Female  
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Professional Experience
EFL certificate
Offline teaching experience: 18
Online teaching experience: 4
Through my experience I have gained the skills to recognise variations in student backgrounds, abilities, and learning styles, and to be able to communicate effectively with them by articulating clearly, selecting vocabulary, and assessing comprehension through various methods. In general terms, I am an open minded person and regularly show degrees of flexibility. A neutral accent and a very clear pronunciation facilitate my communication with the learners.I operate via the following: *A communicative approach to language teaching which enhances the role of the learner in the process of learning and places him/her at the heart of the discussion,linguistic exchange,etc. *Identifying the learner's needs and focus on what is efficient to them *An encouraging attitude and a very propelling techniques to make the learner use the language and overcome the possible apprehensions or fear of mistake making. Mistakes are good sings that tell the learner is using what he learned. *context based and real life situations and a thorough practice of a variety of language items that respond to the need for communication. *Full immersion in the target language.Translation has proved to be a very long process for learning a foreign language *Proactive and positive approach to tasks. *Research and information analysis experience required with a high level of attention to detail. *'Follow Through' with the ability to resolve issues from start to finish. *Multitasking skills. I am a mYngle certified Blended Learning trainer.
Personal Information
Enthusiastic and engaging I am a very friendly person with a strong desire to provide good teaching to learners. Language is always an exchange that is innovative and rich in every new context and with different agents. I am serious,hard-working and committed to what I am responsible for. obtained my bachelor degree in English philology in 2000. I was a teacher for English as a foreign language for over twelve years in a state school where I gained experience through direct practice in the school environment but also through the continuous training session within the ministry of education. I was promoted to teaching and assessing the national examinations for English as a Foreign language. For over two years,I had direct experience with Corporate Business English training. Meanwhile I have been practising teaching French for foreigners,too. 20/07/2015–Present PhD in Cultural Studies Tallinn University, Tallinn (Estonia) 2013–2015 Master of Arts (Comparative Literature and Cultural Semiotics) Tallinn University, Tallinn (Estonia) Comparative Literature and Cultural semiotics 2000 Bachelor degree in The English language,Civilisation and Literature(Philology) Faculty of Humanities, Tunis (Tunisia) English linguistics,civilisation and literature 08/1999–09/1999 EFL language certificate for teaching methodologies Abersystwyth University of Wales., Abersystwyth (Wales)
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