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Russian, Italian and English teacher

English, Russian and Italian for all needs, get connected    Dec 29 09:22PM
Teaches: Russian, Italian and English
Speaks: Russian (native), English (Proficient), Italian (Proficient)
Courses: 14
Classes taught: 1199
Location Pescara, Italy (Italy - Rome - +01:00 GMT/UTC, now DST +02:00 )  
Age: 40  
Gender: Female  
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Professional Experience
I graduated from Samara State University (philological faculty, English department) in 2005 with an M.A. "Linguist. Teacher of English/Interpreter". I attended UC Davis last year, taking classes in Social Sciences and Cultural Anthropology.
Offline teaching experience: 7
Online teaching experience: 6
I started teaching English to kids when I was a University student. After graduation I switched to adults and was giving a course in Business English to the managers of the regional telecommunication company. I also worked as an English teacher at a school. I continued to give private lessons for a while before I left for Italy 4 years ago. Here, in Pescara, I was working for 2 private English Schools, teaching at all levels. I enjoy helping Italian university students with IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, their university exams and helping professionals to get ready for job interviews in English.
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Personal Information
I'm a qualified Linguist and I graduated from the most prestigeous Linguistic University of my native city. I'm eager to teach Russian to English (also Italian) speakers and English or Italian to Russian speakers. Besides a university background I have experience in a multinational company (with English as a working language) and in journalism. I have very positive experience in teaching English to researchers and professionals in psychology, sociology, medicine and Humanitarian sciences as well as English for business professionals. My mothertongue is Russian and I specialized in English and English Literature at University. My diploma was in American Journalism of the 70s. Since my graduation I've translated one book from English to Russian, it was published 3 years ago in Moscow (Gilad Elbom "Scream Queens of the Dead Sea"). Now I'm working office hours for one of the most important Italian comunications agencies, writing complex projects in English. I'm also doing some freelance translation jobs, private classes in English and Russian and I sometimes write for Russian press. I've also studied at the University of Bologna, MA in Cultural Anthropology, so I'm interested in Social History, Cinema and other arts and Cultural Studies
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    Students Feedback: 339
     Posted on June 08 2011
    Julia, is a great teacher. She has lesson plan very organized. Thank you Julia for taking time teaching me!
     Posted on July 17 2009
    Most Excellent teacher, very skilled, patient and proffesional, thanks and best of luck Myngling Julia !
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