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English teacher

Teaches: English
Speaks: English (native), Chinese (Mandarin) (Intermediate), Japanese (Intermediate), Spanish (Pre-Intermediate)
Courses: 8
Classes taught: 2148
Location Denver, United States (Colorado - Denver - -07:00 GMT/UTC, now DST -06:00 )  
Age: 43  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
*Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) *mYngle certified Blended Learning trainer
Offline teaching experience: 9
Online teaching experience: 3
"What I learned today, I want to use tomorrow." What is it that you want to accomplish in my class? These are my principles when it comes to language learning, and it motivates how I teach my classes. I focus on exactly what you want to learn. I like to smile, I like dynamic and interactive classes, but when it comes down to it, I take professional communication seriously and I expect my students to make rapid progress. I started teaching in 2007 when I left America and moved to China, and then Spain, for the next 12 years. I specialized in oral business English and writing, Corporate training courses in English and living abroad, and IELTS preparation courses. I also privately tutored executives and business men and women regularly from several industries including Automotive, Education, and Business. Working with me, you should be able to express yourself more clearly and fluently, and gain confidence in using English in professional and casual situations. Let me know exactly what you need, and we'll customize your class. I am a mYngle certified Blended Learning trainer.
Personal Information
Robert is a typical American (USA) who has lived an atypical life abroad for more than 13 years. He enjoys traveling and making friends with people from all over the world. He has always felt that language education could be improved, and so with his experience in business, teaching and living abroad, he is bringing his inspiration to the classroom. Living abroad has taught him how important good communication and an open mind are. Have you experienced a sudden break-down in communication, or found it difficult to accept a foreign person’s behavior while required to work with them? He has, and it wasn't fun. But the good news is that communication challenges can be overcome. That’s why you’re here, right?
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100 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-10%)
  • €17.29/lesson
  • USD 20.08
  • €1729/package
  • USD 2007.71
  • 45 min. (-9%)
  • €26.39/lesson
  • USD 30.64
  • €2639/package
  • USD 3064.41

  • Book
    50 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-7%)
  • €17.68/lesson
  • USD 20.53
  • €884/package
  • USD 1026.50
  • 45 min. (-7%)
  • €26.98/lesson
  • USD 31.33
  • €1349/package
  • USD 1566.46

  • Book
    30 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-5%)
  • €18.07/lesson
  • USD 20.98
  • €542/package
  • USD 629.37
  • 45 min. (-5%)
  • €27.57/lesson
  • USD 32.01
  • €827/package
  • USD 960.31

  • Book
    10 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-3%)
  • €18.5/lesson
  • USD 21.48
  • €185/package
  • USD 214.82
  • 45 min. (-3%)
  • €28.2/lesson
  • USD 32.75
  • €282/package
  • USD 327.46

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  • €565 per package (30min. lessons)
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  • USD 23.22

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