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Thai teacher

Teaches: Thai
Speaks: Thai (native), Thai (Proficient), English (Proficient)
Courses: 2
Classes taught: 70
Location Chiangmai, Thailand (Thailand - Bangkok - +07:00 GMT/UTC )  
Age: 40  
Gender: Female  
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Professional Experience
Offline teaching experience: 7
Online teaching experience: 2
June 2012 – Present Personal English Tutor. I have different level of students. The youngest is 4 years ole the oldest is 50. I am able to teach English grammar in use, read and write and English conversation. Not only teaching Thai for foreigner but I also use same teaching approach apply to my English class. For Thai English is boring, it is very challenging for me to make my student enjoy the lesson and learn as much as they can. However, Student’s skill and comprehensive in English are my goal. June 2009 – Present I started teach personal Thai lesson to Foreigner in Chaingmai and also online lesson. As Sociology and Anthropology was my major and I studied History as my minor. I like to apply my knowledge of Thai history and cultural to my teaching. Besides learning a language, in my class students will enjoy Thai humour and interesting current affairs and also learn Thai history and culture. Moreover, students are able to design their own class for example conversation, speaking, pronunciation, reading and writing. Not only teaching I also work as freelance interpreter. January 2010 – Present I have been volunteering as a Thai teacher at Thai Freedom House. I wrote Thai lessons and taught Thai language.
Personal Information
Hello, My name is Sasiwimon Kaewdee. I am 33 years old. I am from Chiangmai, Thailand. My nickname is Yew. My students call me “Kruu Yew” (Kruu means teacher). I love to travel and meet new people, especially foreigners, from whom I can learn about places around the world. Travelling around the world is my dream. I hold a Bachelor of Sociology and Anthropology Program from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiangmai University. I started teaching Thai in 2009. I teach private Thai classes and sometimes I exchange Thai with any native speakers in Chiangmai. I have been volunteering as a Thai teacher at an organization called Thai Freedom House since 2010. Thai Freedom House is a non- profit organization which educates Burmese refugees in Chiangmai which made be become known as “Kruu Yew”. Furthermore, I have been teaching Basic English to Thai people.
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