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English teacher

Teaches: English
Speaks: English (native), English (Proficient)
Courses: 2
Classes taught: 3585
Location Port Elizabeth, South Africa (South Africa - Cape Town - +02:00 GMT/UTC )  
Age: 44  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
Offline teaching experience: 0
Online teaching experience: 8
Hello I am an experienced TEFL/TESOL certified native English on-line tutor. I have my Associate undergraduate degree from the Trinity College of London. I provide a warm, friendly and professional on-line classroom environment in which my students thrive. I am highly skilled at level assessment and lesson program customization. Each student is unique and has different strengths, weaknesses and life goals. For this reason it is critical to provide targeted lesson programs relevant to each students unique needs. I am passionate about teaching and derive great satisfaction from playing a role in supporting my students towards achieving their goals and dreams. Specializations :- Business English, practical English for daily life, exam preparation - IELTS, TOEFL, CAE etc, Presentations, job interviews, industry specific English (I.E aviation, oil & gas, etc.) orientation for university life, Orientation for life in an English speaking country. I am a mYngle certified Blended Learning trainer.
Personal Information
I am a positive, passionate and driven individual. I have a great love for others and have found my niche in our global society as an English tutor. Supporting others in getting the jobs they want and achieving the dreams they have is my personal daily pleasure. I am fun loving, happy, at peace and totally surprised at this mysterious reality and universe we find ourselves in. Its pure magic! I usually prefer to spend my free time relaxing with the people I love. This I still do often but have also recently been dedicating part of each day to going to gym and looking after my health. Since this has become part of my daily routine I feel great. I have energy all day and find that my days are twice as productive.
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100 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-10%)
  • €12.6/lesson
  • USD 14.63
  • €1260/package
  • USD 1463.11
  • 45 min. (-10%)
  • €17.1/lesson
  • USD 19.86
  • €1710/package
  • USD 1985.65

  • Book
    50 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-5%)
  • €13.3/lesson
  • USD 15.44
  • €665/package
  • USD 772.20
  • 45 min. (-5%)
  • €18.06/lesson
  • USD 20.97
  • €903/package
  • USD 1048.56

  • Book
    30 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-2%)
  • €13.73/lesson
  • USD 15.94
  • €412/package
  • USD 478.41
  • 45 min. (-2%)
  • €18.63/lesson
  • USD 21.63
  • €559/package
  • USD 649.11

  • Book
    10 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-1%)
  • €13.9/lesson
  • USD 16.14
  • €139/package
  • USD 161.41
  • 45 min. (-1%)
  • €18.9/lesson
  • USD 21.95
  • €189/package
  • USD 219.47

  • Book
    Full immersion
  • Intensive language course
  • Up to 30 lessons in 30 days*
  • €420 per package (30min. lessons)
  • USD 487.70
  • discount

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    *You are allowed to take 1 lesson every day for 30 days in a row
    Single lesson
  • €14 per 30 min lesson
  • USD 16.26
  • €19 per 45 min lesson
  • USD 22.06
  • €20 per group lesson
  • USD 23.22

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    Students Feedback: 730
     Posted on April 16 2018
    Professional and funny!
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    Meet your teacher by Myngle Courses
    Language: Personal consultation Lessons: 1
    Level: Basic    
    Your learning needs analysis session. This is a material that teachers can use for their first lesson, or introductory lesson to be acquainted with the student.
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    British Pronunciation - The sound of English by WesleyH
    Language: English Lessons: 5
    Level: Upper-Intermediate    
    <p>This course is focused on the formulation and delivery of British English native pronunciation.</p>
    Course Details  

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