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English and French teacher

please contact me directly to schedule dates , thanks    May 04 06:25PM
Teaches: English and French
Speaks: English (native), Spanish (Intermediate), Italian (Intermediate), Irish Gaelic (Pre-Intermediate), Arabic (Standard) (Basic)
Courses: 4
Classes taught: 2754
Location Bordeaux, France (France - Paris - +01:00 GMT/UTC, now DST +02:00 )  
Age: 60  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
International T.E.F.L. Diploma ; The International T.E.F.L College of Ireland. Licence Sciences du Langage; La Sorbonne, Censier Paris III 1986 DHEF - Diplôme de Hautes Études Française, Alliance Française, Paris 1985.
Offline teaching experience: 30
Online teaching experience: 10
I began teaching English as a foreign language 20+ years ago. I have taught to all levels, all ages and I could add to almost all professions over those years. My last position which was in France, allowed me to perfect the Business training aspect of the language.I worked in some of the countries leading international companies and helped build their employees language skills.I acted as pedagogical director for the last 4 years in France and had the pleasure of leading a team of over 40 teachers of all nationalities. This meant I needed to become well read on modern teaching methods and also working alongside publishers.I provided a translating and proofreading service for clients for various texts ranging from numerous PowerPoint presentations on new product launches to Automotive Manuals for training mechanics! I've had great success teaching students for official exams, in particular TOEIC, BULATS and am an accredited & listed examiner for both.
Personal Information
Hi, When I'm not working, I enjoy swimming in the sea, playing golf, walking along the coastline, cooking and last but not least reading, listening to music (I have an eclectic ear) and crossword puzzles. As you will possibly read in my Teaching experience profile, I enjoy travelling. I have indeed lived & worked in 6 different countries (mainly European except for the USA). My first travel, France (Paris) led me to become a T.E.F.L teacher. This was in 1986 while I was studying for my degree in "Sciences du Langage". Since then I've never looked back and still thoroughly enjoy working as a language teacher. Well, that's enough about me for now so, Salam, Au Revoir, Ciao, Bye, and look forward to joining with you for English lessons soon.
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    Students Feedback: 1069
     Posted on December 07 2011
    Encore une expérience très agréable et utile. Merci bien Francis et á la prochaine!
     Posted on December 22 2010
    Fantastic teacher!
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