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Norwegian teacher

Teaches: Norwegian
Speaks: Norwegian (native), Danish (Intermediate), English (Intermediate), Swedish (Intermediate)
Courses: 2
Classes taught: 6
Location Tønsberg, Norway (Norway - Oslo - +01:00 GMT/UTC, now DST +02:00 )  
Age: 52  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
I have specialization in Norwegian from Vestfold University College.
Offline teaching experience: 20
Online teaching experience: 6
I´m an educated teacher from Vestfold University College graduated in 1996. I have specialization in Norwegian and English as well as special needs education. In 2000 I graduated, as a special needs teacher. I´m a member of Utdanningsforbundet (teachers union in Norway). I have more than 10 years of teaching experience from elementary level to college here in Norway. I´ve also got experience with teaching students from foreign countries Norwegian. The past two years I've been teaching Norwegian online through Skype a few hours per week. I like the freedom of online teaching both for me and my students.
Personal Information
First of all it is important to me to know your goals before we start. There are many reasons why someone would like to learn Norwegian, maybe you have relatives living in Norway today, or perhaps your ancestors emigrated from Norway a long time ago? It may also be that you are planning a vacation to Norway so see the wonderful nature and experience the culture of the Vikings! Quite a few people would like to learn Norwegian well in order to get a job in Norway! Based on your goals I will make an individual curriculum that focus on what you need to learn in order to master the Norwegian language at a level that you need to succeed. In most cases I will prefer using Skype as the main mean of communication and teaching during the lessons. This way we get a one to one situation that is excellent for learning a language. I will also give you homework between each lesson and check your progress regularly. I offer affordable Norwegian lessons at all levels! If you are new to the Norwegian language or a beginner I will be using the literature “Ny i Norge” which is the most widely used program for foreigners learning Norwegian. I will also teach according to your individual needs and progress as I´m educated a special needs teacher as well as a language teacher. I will provide all the material you need at no extra cost except test money you will have to pay in order to take formal language tests like the “Bergens testen” here in Norway.
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100 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-15%)
  • €16.15/lesson
  • USD 18.75
  • €1615/package
  • USD 1875.34
  • 45 min. (-20%)
  • €23.2/lesson
  • USD 26.94
  • €2320/package
  • USD 2693.98

  • Book
    50 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-9%)
  • €17.3/lesson
  • USD 20.09
  • €865/package
  • USD 1004.44
  • 45 min. (-12%)
  • €25.52/lesson
  • USD 29.63
  • €1276/package
  • USD 1481.69

  • Book
    30 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-6%)
  • €17.87/lesson
  • USD 20.75
  • €536/package
  • USD 622.40
  • 45 min. (-8%)
  • €26.7/lesson
  • USD 31.00
  • €801/package
  • USD 930.12

  • Book
    10 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-1%)
  • €18.9/lesson
  • USD 21.95
  • €189/package
  • USD 219.47
  • 45 min. (-4%)
  • €27.9/lesson
  • USD 32.40
  • €279/package
  • USD 323.97

  • Book
    Full immersion
  • Intensive language course
  • Up to 30 lessons in 30 days*
  • €495 per package (30min. lessons)
  • USD 574.79
  • 14% discount

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    *You are allowed to take 1 lesson every day for 30 days in a row
    Single lesson
  • €19 per 30 min lesson
  • USD 22.06
  • €29 per 45 min lesson
  • USD 33.67
  • €14 per group lesson
  • USD 16.26

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