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Sanskrit, Hindi and English teacher

Teaches: Sanskrit, Hindi and English
Speaks: Hindi (native), Sanskrit (Upper-Intermediate), Urdu (Advanced), English (Proficient)
Courses: 1
Classes taught: 24
Location Bangalore [ I really like it ], India (India - Mumbai - +05:30 GMT/UTC )  
Age: 40  
Gender: Female  
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Professional Experience
Offline teaching experience: 0
Online teaching experience: 2
I am a native speaker of Hindi, well-versed with Sanskrit too. I am a dedicated and patient teacher. I simplify teaching and make sure that the student is able to understand well. Try a FREE CLASS to experience my method and know more about my courses. My method of teaching is adaptable according to the needs of the student. Students will feel comfortable in my classes. Attention is given to each student in case of a group class. Study Material is also provided by me for all the courses in the form of notes and audio files for practice. I enjoy teaching and am patient with all students, I have been tutoring students from many different countries. You may message me at my skype name "tutor-online" from India.
Personal Information
Besides teaching the above languages I also take hobby classes like Art, Embroidery etc. Contact me for more info on this. If you are interested in learning a new and creative hobby just message me and I will get back to you soon. I have done certificate courses in Embroidery, Art and may teach you the tips and tricks of these subjects. Book a FREE CLASS with me to study any of these subjects and to get a good understanding of my teaching methods.
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Students Feedback: 14
 Posted on April 17 2010
I loved this lesson! Lots of fun :)
 Posted on March 08 2010
Your handouts are great! I like how you combine grammar with a lot of practice and useful vocabulary. Thanks for another great class! :)
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Level: Basic    
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