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Spanish and English teacher

Start speaking Spanish since the 1st week!    Dec 06 04:42PM
Teaches: Spanish and English
Speaks: Spanish (native), Spanish (Native), English (Advanced)
Courses: 2
Classes taught: 1234
Location paola.e.esparza, Mexico ((South, Central, and Eastern) - Mexico City - -06:00 GMT/UTC, now DST -05:00 )  
Age: 35  
Gender: Female  
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Professional Experience
Offline teaching experience: 6
Online teaching experience: 3
I have taught Spanish to people from all around the world with excellent results. I have taught for more than 6 years now. In addition to classroom and individual instruction, I have also had great success teaching on line. I am an enthusiastic, experienced teacher. •My teaching techniques enable my students to learn in a dynamic, active, friendly way. •I recently had the pleasure to collaborate on Myngle’s charity project "Los Niños" as the Spanish teacher to the project leader. •I am a certified teacher from the Instituto Cervantes in Spain. •I am the Director of “Spanish Individual” (The Spanish Academy on Myngle) where I am also a teacher. •I am the Ambassador and Coordinator for the Spanish Resource Library on the Myngle website.
"This teacher is an approved Myngle Ambassador"
Personal Information
Hi! I'm Architect, originaly mexican and I also teach Spanish and English. I teach to all ages in a very simple and easy way that you can learn how to talk in spanish fluently Take the best decision in your life and be a part of the 400 million people in the world speaking in Spanish! The Spanish that is spoken in Mexico and in most of the United States is considered the “International Spanish.” Among Spanish-speakers in the business world, it is the most widely accepted. Worldwide, one out of every three Spanish-speakers uses “International Spanish.” "According to the World Trade Organization’s data (WTO), Mexico is presently considered the economic leader in Latin America. The European Union represents Mexico's second commercial partner, and its second source of foreign investment."
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    Students Feedback: 685
     Posted on January 10 2012
    Nice to meet you, my next 10 lessons are booked!
     Posted on October 14 2011
    Profesor fantástico !
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