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mYngle empowers companies to upskill their talent and excel in today’s multilingual, multicultural landscape.
We combine online technology with the world’s best trainers to deliver global language, leadership skills and team-building training.

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Why is mYngle unique?

Our 3 building blocks to ensure your staff success


Develop skills for success in a dynamic business environment


Improve your staff language skills to thrive in
today’s multilingual, multicultural workplace
Leadership skills


Cultivate cohesion among colleagues to collectively drive company success
The best of both worlds

Human-centered results with EdTech convenience

Human-centered training
to ensure results

Our teachers are the backbone of the training courses we offer. They engage learners and drive desired results.
Advantages of instructor-led training:
Accelerated learning curve
Increased interaction
Deeper subject knowledge
+ More motivation and commitment

Best-in-class digital expertise
to optimize the learning experience

Combining the very best teachers with intuitive technology doesn’t just replicate classroom experience, it enhances it.
Advantages of digital learning:
Easily scalable
Positive impact on ROI
Easy access
High flexibility
+ More convenient for learners and HRs

mYngle has been helping hundreds of organizations successfully “e-transform” language training
since 2007

What customers say about mYngle

We have helped hundreds of thousands of learners in more than 100 countries make a dramatic breakthrough in their ability to work and communicate effectively in another language or culture, and to develop new career-enhancing skills.

mYngle is recognized for excellence and innovation in the learning industry

Award winning:
Amazon Innovation Awards
Plugg  Awards
EVS Awards
Europian Tech Start-ups Awards
InspiringFifty deep tech Awards
BVF awards
IT Compliance:
mYngle is just what you’ve been waiting for, language lessons that come to you.
mYngle changes one of the most traditional industries by bringing language education to the online mass market.
Students and teachers are spread around the world. If you would like a Chinese lesson at 10 p.m., you can see if that teacher is available!

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